Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

Take Better Notes
Whether you’re in a university lecture, a work meeting, or an industry seminar, the Digital Voice Recorder from AstroAI will help you take better notes and remember more from the meeting compared to a pen and paper. Record and store up to 240 hours of audio without any extra external storage.

Powerful Display and Sound
The backlit LCD screen illuminates bright enough to be read in low or bright light. Even if you’re navigating through functions on a sunny day, you’ll find what you’re looking for. When it’s time to take a break and relax, use the MP3 playback function to listen to your favorite tunes you’ve uploaded to the Recorder. Be sure to tune the sound selection mode to fit the type of music you listen to, giving an enhanced listening experience.

Extra Features
Other important features include A-B repeat, for better note taking and recall, Scheduled Recording, for making sure the Voice Recorder begins when you need it to, a Password to protect your valuable files from anyone else, and Auto-off to save battery. Record in different levels of sound quality, including PCM quality, High Quality, Standard, and Low-Spec quality levels.

Memory Capacity:  8GB
PCM Recording:  48 Hours
High Quality Recording:  96 Hours
Standard Recording:  140 Hours
Low-Spec Recording:  280 Hours
Battery:  380mA Li Battery
Battery Life:  80 Hours of recording
LCD:  128 x  64 Graphic LCD
USB:  2.0 High Speed
Speaker Output:  8 Ω 1W
Speaker Size:  18mm x 26mm
Headphones:  5mW, 16 Ohm
Headphone Jack:  3.5mm, Stereo
Product Size:  92 x 31 x 9

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    July 15, 2016