AstroAI Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord, 12Ft/12V/120W/15A, Compatible with Air Compressor Pump and Tire Inflator


  • REAL WORLD READY: 12 feet of heavy-duty 16 AWG wire mean that this extension cord can handle the stress of life and tackle everyday use without breaking a sweat. Highly-efficient wire creates low impedance while remaining super flexible. Connect to your favorite 12V devices, even at a distance
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Easily integrates with any 12V car accessory, including tire inflators, air compressors, heated blankets, AC to DC converters, car fans, portable refrigerators, car coolers, dash cams, inverters, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and more
  • SAFETY FIRST: UL Listed provides peace of mind; The heavy duty components and built-in 15 Amp Ceramic Fuse (6x30mm) provide first-class protection from over-current surges and short circuits
  • DURABILITY: With a cap to protect the female plug, a metal reinforced female socket and heavy-grade wire for reliable performance year after year; The rugged design is resistant to life’s greatest tests and is dependable for when you need it most
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: UL Listed; The car cigarette lighter extension cord comes with 3 year warranty and a lifetime of friendly customer service!

Heavy Duty

  • Replaceable 15A Ceramic Fuse

    Stay protected with an easily-swappable replaceable 15A ceramic fuse(6x30mm Common Fuse in Local Store) to provide overcurrent protection

  • Stay Connected

    Larger Contact Surface provides better output; The rugged design is resistant to life’s greatest tests and is dependable for when you need it most

  • Heavy Duty 16 AWG Copper Wire

    16AWG Copper wire perfectly blends strength and durability with efficiency and flexibility

Product Description

Size:1 Pack Greater Expectations The AstroAI 12V/24V extension cord just makes life easier. Never worry about whether a plug is going to reach a socket in your car again. This extension cable is the ultimate partner for your car accessories. Air compressors and tire inflators can reach the furthest wheels with ease. Mini fridges can tuck away until you need them most, and anyone can reach their phone while it's plugged in charging. Safety in Mind UL Certified and Listed means this wire passes the most stringent safety tests. Keep peace of mind and leave short-circuits and overcurrent surges to the in-line fuse that will keep you and your appliances out of harm's way. The heavy-duty wire is insulated from heat, compression, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it. Specifications Dimensions: 12 Ft Model: 16 AWG DC Output Current: 10 A Operating Temperature: -4°F~176°F (-20°C~80°C) Package Contents: 1 x AstroAI Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord 1 x User Manual





Warranty Period: 36months

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User Manual

Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord, 12V/120W/15A User Manual

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