About AstroAI

Established in 2016, AstroAI owns three office locations in Placentia, Shanghai and Chongqing. AstroAI Corporation has integrated digital marketing, supply chain management, and proprietary brand building -- creating a strong automotive and home improvement brand.

AstroAI products are sold in North America, East Asia, Europe, as well as Australia. We intend to expand our markets to more regions and countries. Our brand has proven to be popular in both domestic and international markets, especially in the automotive category.

What we do

AstroAI is committed to developing and producing high-quality products to customers all around the world. Focusing on Automotive and Household Tools, AstroAI offers multiple lines of products including:

  1. Digital Multimeter
  2. Tire Pressure Gauge
  3. Tire Inflator Gauge
  4. Laser Thermometer
  5. Air Compressor
  6. Dust Mask
  1. Snow Brush
  2. Fridge & Freezer
  3. Air Chuck
  4. Extension Cord
  5. Battery Charger
  6. Sunshade Cover

Customer Experience

We provide our customers with market-leading products that we are continually improving. Our customers drive our progress as we evaluate customer feedback for areas of improvement.

Future Development Strategy

Brand Recognition: AstroAI products enjoy wide popularity from customers all over the word. Especially in the automotive field, our products achieve a high degree of recognition.

Trading Convenience: We work to make it easy as possible to partner with us. We accept wire transfers and ACH payments, but let us know if you have a specific payment method you would like to use.

Quality Guarantee: AstroAI has established a very strict quality control framework to ensure all our products are of superior quality and achieve the lowest defect rate.

Customer Service: Our customers are put first, whether in terms of our professional customer service team or the warranty provided by each product.

Technology refresh: We are constantly innovating and using innovation to stimulate AstroAI. As industries change, we endeavor to advance with or ahead of the time.

Enormous Potential: AstroAI has developed quality products consistently and has enormous potential to expand even further.

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