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Brass Body
The brass body construction is built tough to take a beating
Integrated Bleed Button
Reset pressure readings or adjust inflation pressure on the fly
Easy to test
Chuck rotates to find the perfect angle to ensure a secure, airtight seal on a tire`s valve stem, 360° swivel chuck and 45° extended tip

Product Description

AstroAI Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge 60 PSI

Features & Specifications

AstroAI Tire Pressure Gauge features a steel and brass construction with an extended 5mm chuck tip, so you get a great seal with no air leakage. This robust and durable precision automotive tool is also surrounded by a rubber cover, so it is protected from drops and is easy to grip. This top-rated, professional tire monitoring system is easy to use and is reliable in all weather conditions. A perfect accessory for your car, motorcycle, truck, bike, SUV, RV or ATV etc.

  • Range: 0-60 PSI

  • Large 2" Glow Dial

  • No Battery Required

  • Accuracy: ANSI B40.1 Grade B (2%)

It accurately measures your tire pressure with little effort.

Just attach it to the tire's air valve and the exact measurement will show instantaneously.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the importance of proper air pressure.

Poorly inflated tires increase fuel costs and emissions, which may not sound like much, but it means that the average person who drives 12,000 miles yearly on under-inflated tires uses about 144 extra gallons of gas, at a cost of 300-500 a year and adds 2,880 pounds of greenhouse gases to the environment annually.

The AstroAI analog tire gauge does not require batteries, so it's ready for use anytime. In addition, its readings can be made quickly, be visible at night and accurately without having to stand at the gauge waiting for the reading to stabilize, as with digital gauges. Protected by a rubber shield, it's durable and made to last under all weather conditions.

  • Large 2” Dial

  • 360 Degree Swivel Chuck

  • Solid Steel Construction

  • Rubber Bumper Casing

  • Integrated Bleed Button– It allows you to hold the pressure while the gauge is off the valve or have the pressure released while the gauge is on the valve

  • Mechanical Gauge

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  36months