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Digital Temperature Control
When turning on the fridge, the temperature displayed on the screen is the internal temperature of this fridge. NOTE For °C, the temperature will be displayed with °C; however for °F, like in the US or Canada, only the temperature value will be displayed (without °F).
6L Large Capacity
The compact design of this skincare fridge provides enough room for multi-purpose storage to satisfy your different needs. It can chill 6 12oz. (355ml) cans or 8 11 oz. (330ml) cans up to 35°F (2°C) or warm up to 140°F (60°C)
Compact & Portable
Measuring 7.67*10.43*11.3 inch / 19.5*26.5*28.7 cm, perfect for keeping on a desk, dresser, or wherever you can squeeze it! Weighing 6.72lb/3.05kg, the convenient carry handle increases the versatility of this fridge when you take it on the go!
Sleek Design with Round Corners
The simple, fashion and white look fits any home, car or office decorations. Round corners with no sharp edges give your family a better and safer user experience.
Enjoy Wherever You Are
The insulated design will keep your items at temperature for longer with both a cooling and heating function, as long as the door is closed shut.
Package Contents
The AstroAI 6L compact fridge with a removable and a side shelf, one 1.5m/4.92ft AC Power Cord, one 2m/6.56ft DC Power Cord and the User Manual.

Product Description

Mini Fridge Saves Your Time

Mini fridges have been all the rage for keeping cosmetics and beauty-care products nice and cool before use. Instead of trudging all the way to the kitchen to grab your mask, keep your cooled cremes right with the rest of your skincare routine! And for Moms with little baby, this cooler is perfect to store breastmilk at night or in the office!

The AstroAI 6L Mini Fridge brings unparalleled convenience to mini fridges, not only are you getting a great, portable cooler warmer, but it is completely programmable to ensure its contents are at the perfect temperature.

Compact Size

  • External Size: 7.67x10.43x11.3in/19.5x26.5x28.7cm

  • Net Weight: 6.72lb/3.05kg

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  36months