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November 22nd , 2021



The AstroAI community is an open space for AstroAI explorers. Every explorer will find informative content here.

The more active you are, such as posting more high-quality content, the higher rank you and your posts will be, and the more sections and AstroAI benefits will be unlocked. Warranty Extension, Returns policy, and Contact us column also in the support column of the community.

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Welcome to share your experience with AstroAI products in the forum. There are four parts in this page: General & Product Discussion, AstroAI&Me, Feedbacks, Q&A.

General & Product Discussion: Asking questions and details about the product.

AstroAI&Me: sharing the AstroAI product using experience, providing meaningful instructions for other explorers.

Feedbacks: We are here to listen to your feedback, and we value it, then we improve our products. We appreciate your brilliant ideas and suggestions.

Q&A: your questions will be answered here. Also, we would appreciate if you could help each other solve problems in the Q&A section.

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Make sure to select the relevant topic and category. Afterward, make a short and informative title for your post, You may post your topic with hashtag, or browse posts from others. Start editing and adding photos you like, or adding with any hashtag you like, then click the Publish button.
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Do and Do not advice
+Using a descriptive title for your posts.
+Being as clear as possible.
+Staying on topic.
+Remaining positive.
+Being friendly.
Do not:
+Using vague subject titles like “HELP!”
+Overwhelming readers with mass information.
+Getting off topic.
+Disparaging people.
+Using rude language or offensive humor.
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