New Releases AstroAI Dust Mask with 7 Filters and 4 Valves Black


  • [PERFECT PROTECTION] 4-layer activated carbon filter can effectively filter out 95% of dust, exhaust, particles, pollen, etc. It is ideal for running, cycling, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and provides reliable protection for daily use.
  • [BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE] Improved mesh material strengthens the ability of air circulation to ensure smoother breathing. A bonus soft nose pad can be attached to the filter if need, which can effectively reduce the friction on the nose.
  • [ADJUSTABLE FOR OPTIMUM FIT] Adjustable hook and loop strap helps adjust to a suitable head size for snugly fit. You also can bend the soft nose clip inside the filter to the angle suit for your nose, getting better fitting and sealing.
  • [AVOID GLASSES FOGGING] M-plus filter with more coverage, attachable soft nose pad with fine sealability, adjustable built-in nose clip with better compatibility, all the humanized designs are made to prevent glasses from fogging.
  • [REUSABLE & WASHABLE] Package includes 1 mask shell, 7 activated carbon filters, 4 breathing vent valves, and 7 soft nose pads. We recommend replacing the filter every 40 hours or more frequently. And the dust face mask shell can be detachable to wash by hand and wash machine.

  • Larger Mask Shell

    We enlarge the mask shell around the chin to reduce the mask friction to your face and throat. And premium nylon material provides better comfort.

  • Special nose clip

    Compared to the hard nose clip installed on the mask of others, we installed the softer nose clip into the filter. Such a nose clip is easier to be adjusted and can create a firmer seal, which helps to reduce the possibility of glasses fogging.

  • Soft Nose Pad

    Exclusive soft nose pads provided with the mask can be attached to the filter. It can effectively eliminate fogging on glasses and reduces pressure on your nose. You also can easily remove it if no need.

Product Description

Double One-Way Discharge Valves

The silicon sheet in the vent valve will seal itself when you breathe in. Then you will take fresh air through the filter. And the air will get out through the vent valve when you breathe out.

And we choose premium nylon material and upgrade mask designs for the best comfort. You can easily adjust the soft nose clip inside the filter, and the adjustable neck strap to get the best fit for your face.

  • How to change the filter correctly?
  • Hold the inner vent valve with one hand, and gently dig out the valve with another hand to separate the filter and mask.
  • Align the new filter with the mask.
  • Align the inner vent valve with the filter and mask.
  • Press the outer valve slightly to lock the filter and mask.





Warranty Period: 12months

When you purchase products from our website, we will extend the warranty automatically.
you may check details on the My Warranty page after the product is delivered.

User Manual

AstroAI Dust Mask with 7 Filters and 4 Valves Black User Manual

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