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Strong Valve Seal
The AstroAI Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge is constructed from Durable Stainless Steel, features a Strong Valve Seal, and Laser-printed Logo. It is small enough to keep one in every vehicle!
Excellent Valve Stem Contact
Our Pencil gauge features a thick valve that prevents air leaks at the nozzle, resulting in better test results
Three Measurements
10-75 PSI, 70-550 kPa, 0.7-5.5 BAR

Product Description

AstroAI 75 PSI Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge

The best gift for vehicles owner, 2 pack makes you possible to test vehicles no matter where you are , because you will always have a one in your hand.

  • PRESSURE RANGE: 10-75 PSI | 70-550 kPa | 0.7-5.5 BAR

  • Do not use this product for applications outside of its intended use

  • 4-sided ABS Indicator Bar

  • Attention! Do not exceed the maximum pressure of the gauge, doing so will permanently damage the device

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  12months