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Cooling At Home
Cooling In Car
Cooling When Picnic


Switch Power
Plugging into a vehicle's 12V socket, do not use while vehicle's engine is off, doing so may drain your vehicle's battery. But it is okay when socket plugs with fridge power shut off, it never drains battery out
Reusable Ice Packs
Storing 2 ice packs along with fridge makes items a long time cool and refresh
Reinforced Socket
Reinforced socket provides safety and durability. What's more? Better contact
Beverages, beers, wines, fruits, vegetables, seafood, fresh food, and curing food are all pleasured to store. when you plan a barbecue or picnic on a trip or travel, the 24L fridge provides enough room to store them. New design only made for cooing never cause a drop problem, which may burn the circuit, need not worry on a long travel.

Product Description

AstroAI Car Fridge 24L for Beverage, Beer, Wine, Fruits, Seafoods and more

The 24L portable refrigerator has a large capacity and can be cooled using a vehicle's 12-volt socket

  • 1、Made only for cooling, cool up to ambient temp - 32°F(0°C)Chill

  • 2、Do not block the air outlet or fan areas, doing so may overheat the circuit and cause damage to the cooler

  • 3、When plugging into a vehicle's 12V socket, do not use while vehicle is off, doing so may

  • 4、drain your vehicle's battery

  • 5、Do not connect to 24V cigarette lighters on heavy-duty vehicles

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  36months