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Soft Nose Pad
Dust mask filter each has a soft cushion nose pad for both a better seal and extended comfort. The pad helps eliminate fogging on glasses and reduces pressure on your nose. It can even be removed if not needed or wanted.
Adjustable Nose Clip
The nose clip adjusts to fit any nose. Mold it perfectly to fit your nose and it will maintain its shape for extended periods of time.
Elastic Earloop Strap
The flexible earloop strap greatly reduces friction on ears, providing a more comfortable experience, especially for extended periods of time. The adjustable strap will not stick to your hair and provides a seal for varying head sizes.
4-Layer Filter
Four layer filter provides more comfortable and safe experience. The activated carbon filter and sub-micron particulate layer can filter out non-oil particles. Two skin-friendly layers effectively reduce the friction on your face.

Product Description

AstroAI Reusable Dust Mask

AstroAI Dust masks are ideal for woodworking, lawn mowing, running, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Mesh Nylon maximizes breathability and 4-layer filter removes dust and other non-oil particles.

  • Excellent breathability

  • 4-layer filter for better protection

  • Comfortable design for extended use

  • Filter Change: It is recommended that the filter should be replaced once it has been used for 40 hours or more frequently.

  • Steps to Wash: Remove the dischargeable valves and detachable nose clip first. Then wash the mask by hand softly with water and let it dry in the air.

  • Note: The mask itself can be washed but the filters cannot.

    • Donning Procedure (For the best fit)

      • Adjust the nose clip to a extended shape

      • Place the filter under chin

      • Put earloops over ears

      • Adjust neck strap to comfortable position

      • Adjust nose clip to fit nose with a strong seal

      • Check that there is a seal around the entire filter

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  12months