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Monthly Special New Releases AstroAI Digital Multimeter 10000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Color LCD Screen Voltmeter, Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Current Amp Resistance Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature



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Feature: 10000 Counts

  • 2000 Counts
  • 4000 Counts
  • 6000 Counts
  • 10000 Counts
  • Test leads kit

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  • Easy to use: The “SMART” mode of the multimeter can automatically identify voltage, resistance, and continuity. Smart tips for test leads, Real-time temperature display, Data Hold, MAX/MIN values, Auto Shut-down, Low battery prompt, Audio-visual alarm, Fuse Break reminders and other functions make measurement and recording more convenient. Fit both beginners and professionals.(The "SMART" function takes some time to judge the signal source, so there will be a little delay).
  • Multiple functions: AstroAI smart multimeter can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 10A current, and can also be used to test continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, temperature, NCV and live wire. With this smart digital voltmeter, you can solve industrial, vehicle and household electrical problems.
  • Unique design: The voltmeter has a large LCD color screen. With the backlit screen display and flashlight, you can use it in dim environment. In addition, the multimeter can display real-time temperature on the screen. The digital meter contains a total of 6 1.5V AAA batteries, 3 of which have been installed in the meter.
  • Ensure safety: The multimeter is certified with CE and RoHS. The design and manufacture of the instrument strictly comply with IEC61010-1 CAT.III 1000V, CAT.IV 600V overvoltage safety standards and pollution level 2. The dual ceramic fuses, which have anti-burn and overload protection functions, can effectively protect the multimeter. The silicone cover can protect the multimeter from wear and electric shock.
  • Quality service: The multimeter is designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot various automotive and household electrical problems. No matter DIYers or ameteurs, it is suitable for improving your home and business. Combined with Amazon's excellent distribution, we provide three-year after-sales service and lifetime technical support.

  • Smart mode and professional mode

    Press to turn on manual mode. Press and hold to switch back SMART mode.

  • Auto range and manual range

    RANGE:Turn on the manual mode, Press and hold to switch back to Auto mode. SEL:Select the function you want among the various functions in this mode

  • NCV Detection

    When the indicator light is on, it means there is voltage, please pay attention to your safety

  • Detects Live Wires

    Live wire testing with the red test lead. When it detects a live wire, the clamp meter will reflect with the audio alarm

  • Low Battery Indicator

    The Low Battery Indicator is capable of reminding you of replacing battery when it is about to run out

  • Automatic Shutdown

    If the meter is not in operation for 15 minutes, it will be turned off automatically. You will have to switch it on manually for further operation. Also, you can disable Automatic Shutdown Function by pressing "APO" on the right side of the multimeter

  • Flashlight

    Full-color screen, wider viewing angle, clear reading in sunlight. In addition, flashlight can ensure clear measurement in dim areas

  • Safe and anti-drop

    CAT.III 1000V, CAT.IV 600V overvoltage safety standards and pollution level 2. The silicone protective cover can prevent electric shock

Product Description

AstroaiAI smart multimeter

A smart multimeter with a beautiful appearance and a large modern LCD color screen. With advanced features, it can operate measuring functions easily and safely, and is suitable for household sockets, batteries (including vehicles), car circuit troubleshooting, charging systems, etc., easy to carry

Comply with IEC61010-1 international electrical safety standards; Silicone protective cover protects the multimeter from abrasion and prevents clicks

Safety tips: fuse blown prompt, low battery prompt and test lead error jack prompt

Additional tips: remember to shut down after use





Warranty Period: 36months

When you purchase products from our website, we will extend the warranty automatically.
you may check details on the My Warranty page after the product is delivered.

User Manual

AstroAI Digital Multimeter 10000 Counts User Manual

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