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Ergonomic Design
Non-slip texture makes it easy to hold onto and the ergonomic design is both suitable for men and women's hands
Helpful Car Hammer
A safety hammer at the joint of handle and panel shall be a choice to get through an emergency, which is made of high-grade carbon steel
Cleaning instructions
Internal Windshield Cleaning: wipe with a dry pad or after spraying a small amount of water. Stubborn Stains on the Glass Cleaning: spray a little glass cleaning liquid to wipe. Mist Cleaning: just wipe the glass; no need to add water or liquid chemicals
Resuable and Washable
The microfiber pad can be reused after cleaning, should clean all microfiber pads before next use.
Easy to Clean Hard-to-Reach Spot
The windshield cleaning tool has a rotatable triangle head, which can fully contact the glass and rotate 180 degrees to fit the glass well.
Telescopic and Extendable
Hold and rotate the handle to the left. Extend the handle a few inches if it is not long enough. Then turn the handle to the right to lock it.

Product Description

AstroAI Windshield Cleaning Tool, Easy to Clean

This product is designed to clean the windshield of a car, making it clean and bright. Our window wiper is not only suitable for cars, but the extended reach makes cleaning trucks and SUVs easier than ever.

  • The microfiber pad can be reused after cleaning, please clean all microfiber pads before using again

  • Avoid using fabric softener or bleach when cleaning microfiber pads

  • The microfiber pads can only be air-dried, do not iron or expose them to strong sunlight

  • Do not excessively adjust the extension of this product to avoid damage

  • Do not violently disassemble this product

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  12months