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Humanized Designs

Unique Velcro Design
You can wrap around the rearview mirror with user-friendly Velcro to get maximum coverage and prevent any sunlight breaking through. Such exclusive design perfectly solves the problem that blocks all the sunlight from the front window out of the car.
Stabile Suction Cup Mounting
2 suction cup mounting ports in the upper part of the sunshade and 4 included suction cups are made to better connect the windshield with the sunshade. It not only can make its installation stabile to avoid falling off but also extend its reach.
Lengthened space between two rings
The lengthened 3.94

Excellent Craftsmanship

Premium Materials
Titanium silver fabric has a great ability to block heat, harmful sun, and UV rays. This fabric is also less prone to wrinkles and any that do form during storage smooth out quickly once the sun shade was installed for a while.
Reinforced Steel Rings
Two outer steel rings were manufacturer reinforced to ensure a longer service life. Its craftsmanship makes it more durable, effectively reducing any chance of it breaking.
Easy to Store
Small and portable pouch makes it easier to store the sunshade in the door pockets of your car. And such mini-sized pakage greatly improves the utilization of space

Product Description

Steps to Install

Unfold the windshield sunshade slowly when take it out of the package to avoid potentially injuring you or someone else. And one circle steel ring can overlap with another one to cover the entire windshield if you want.

  • 1. Align the sunshade (keep the silver side face outwards) with the windshield from the inside of your vehicle.

  • 2. Start to install one side of the windshield first, with lowering the sun visor to fix it. Then repeat for another side to install the whole sunshade.

  • 3. Wipe the glass clean first, then suck two suction cups on the glass through two special holes in the upper part of the sunshade.

  • 4. Wrap around the rearview mirror with user-friendly Velcro to get maximum coverage and prevent any sunlight from breaking through.

Steps to Fold and Store
  • 1. Fold the sunshade and align the two outer rings on top of each other first. Then hold the outer edges of the rings, with your palms facing each other.

  • 2. Bring your hands together, still holding the outer edges.

  • 3. Exerts force inward with your thumbs when two hands are close to each other.

  • 4. The sunshade will automatically fold to the shape shown.

  • 5. Put the new small circle on the other two circles folded.

  • 6. Secure the sunshade folded well with an elastic band, and place it in the storage bag.

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  12months