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The power of a converter decides a device if it could work well.
We take the showerhead as an example, nothing will be done with a small stream when connecting a 2A converter, however, the powerful stream comes out with a 15A converter, then no worries about cleaning the garden or watering your flowers
Stay Connected
Larger Contact Surface provides better output; The rugged design is resistant to life’s greatest tests and is dependable for when you need it most
Stable Voltage
Convert fluctuating voltage to stable voltage, effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, ensure stable voltage output
Heavy Duty Copper Wire
Both the AC and DC wires are constructed of pure copper, ensuring low resistance and the best transfer of power

Product Description

AstroAI AC to DC Converter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket AC/DC Power Supply Adapter Transformer

Dimensions: 6.3" *3.38" *2.18"

Operating Input Voltage Range: 100-240V

Input Frequency Range: 50-60 Hz

Output Voltage: 12V DC

Output Power: 180W

DC Output Current: 15A

  • Do not expose the converter to moisture, rain, or snow

  • Do not operate the converter if it has any damage to the cord or casing

  • Do not use the converter near any liquid or in very humid conditions

  • Do not block the fan exhaust vent

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  36months