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Product Description

The AstroAI AC Current Transducer Clamp perfectly compliments Digital Multimeters that do not have an AC current test. The clamp features a lightweight jaw that opens wide to easily slide wires in and out.

General Specifications

This transducer works on digital multimeters that have DC 200mV function and auto range, displaying ac current value.

●Power Supply: 12V(23A)

●Jaw Size: Φ30.8mm

●Body Color: Black & Yellow

●Weight: Approx.170g (Including Battery)

●Size: 137 x 45 x 21mm

●Power Consumption: < 1.2 mA

Technical Specifications

AC Current: 1mV/ 1A (± (2%+0.5mV), Range Maximum: AC 200A range.

AC Current: 1mV/ 10A (± (2%+0.5mV), Range Maximum: AC 600A range.

Title: AstroAI AC Current Transducer Clamp Meter for Digital Multimeter
Brand: AstroAI
Color: Yellow

Warranty & Manuals

Warranty Period:  12months