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AstroAI 12 Pieces Activated Carbon Filters for Reusable Dust Face Mask, with Another 4 Breathing Valves and 12 Nose Pads, Fitting for Most Face Dust Sports Mask in Market — 6 Layer



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Style: 6-layer Filter

  • 4-layer Filter
  • 6-layer Filter

In stock

  • 6 layers activated carbon filter can filter out non-toxic dust, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles. And it is compatible with most face dust sport mask in market.
  • Ideal choice for Pollen, Woodworking, Mowing, Construction, Running, Cycling,walking, travelling and regular daily use to breathe cleaner.
  • 12 Soft nose pads are made for better sealing, which help to effectively avoid fogging up when you wear glasses. 4 exhaust valves are special gifts to replace the ones you missed.
  • 6-layer filter provide you better using experience, made of polyethylene terephthalate layer, activated carbon layer, sub-micron particulate filter layer, two non-woven fabric layers, and one skin and breath friendly fabric layer.
  • It is recommended that the filter should be replaced once it has been used for 40 hours or more frequently. And do remember to stick the soft nose pad on the filter by yourself if you need when you replace it.

Product Description

Steps to Change the Filter:

1. Rotate the outer valve in a counter-clockwise direction to separate the filter and mask.

2. Align the new filter with the mask.

3. Align the inner valve with the filter and mask.

4. Align the outer valve with the inner valve first, then rotate the outer valve more than 90 degrees in a clockwise direction to secure the mask.





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User Manual

12Pieces Replacement Mask Filters, 6Layer User Manual

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